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Hellblazer, Freezes Over

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See, some persons that choose killing as a vocation—not all, but certainly most—have a grossly inflated opinion of themselves, which is that their life—unlike ours—has a purpose. An’ that purpose, well, it makes them feel alive. Self-importance. Goes with the territory. Now they assume taking a life is a big fucking deal. Their gift, in every sense of the word. But it ain’t.
You point out to a fella who’s got his mind set on murder—you point out that the real thrill isn’t watchin’ a person die at your hands… But in the actual dying itself. See, in those beautiful, most precious of moments when your life is slippin’ away…. The entire world disappears. Your family, your mates—an’ most definitely the sick bastard standing above you desperately trying to believe he’s the center of your fucking universe. It all becomes irrelevant…
…An’ you’ll never feel more alive. You’re all that matters. You’ll never—ever—be more important.

John Constantine, Hellblazer (Freezes Over)

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ooc { So I’m going to take just a moment to geek out because guys this is the issue that got me into Hellblazer. This is the exactly fucking panel that made me go this is the sickest shit I’ve ever read I need all of them. It’s fucking Winnie the Pooh dragging someone into a torture basement.

Needless to say for a ten year old that was terribly hilarious and exciting and here I am. Blame this comic. 

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Inspirational John Constantine, Part 2

concept by conmanwriter

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"Ah, the woes of Johnny Constantine, it’s so hard being you."


"Do I look like someone who’s been up to anything, especially something juicy? Well, I did have this weird encounter with this Fate-bitch but…”

"That’s what I missed about you. Yer sympathetic fuckin’ ear." 

"C’mon then, don’t leave us hanging. What’d she want out of a mangy mutt like you?" 

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     "There’s decent pickings ‘round here."

"You know a place that wouldn’t mind a badge? Had a bit of…fun the last time I tried a bar." 

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Summer lovin’, had me a blast. Summer lov—..


Huh. It’s, uh. Catchy.

Angels and minsters of grace save him from bubblegum pop. 

"Like venereal disease." 

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   ”Heeeey asshole, you’re alive. Big surprise there.”

"You know how it goes. Ya save one little girl an’ some bastard decides yer a protagonist now and ya get to watch everybody else die off like bloody fruit flies.” 

"Up ta anything juicy or just sittin’ on yer ass?" 

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ignisardetclara whispered
So where you been, asshole?



Home ya great bastard. How’s tha local firebug been keeping herself?

Eh, can’t complain too much.  Been busy working.  

You?  Open another portal to hell or something?

"I open portals ta places besides Hell ya know. Now an’ then." Definitely not by complete accident. 

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